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Bran The architecture of Bran Castle has been shaped over 600 years of its existence. It is based on massive gothic elements. The citadel of Bran has an irregular design determined by the configuration of the rock on which the fortress was built. River cobble stones, bricks and wood were used as building materials.

Commonly known as "Draculas Castle", it is marketed as the home of the titular character in Bram Stokers Dracula and there are persistent myths that it was once the home of Vlad Tepes, ruler of Wallachia.

During the first architectural phase, from 1378 to 1380, the building consisted of precincts and of an angle tower on the west side.

In 1535 the citadel had three defense towers on the northren, eastern and western sides. According to foreign travellers who visited the citadel in the 16-th century, the entrance of the fortress consisted of an aperture, probably on the southern side, with a mobile stair. On the South side, the massive curtain wall had two levels of openings towards the road. The fortiffication had also two parallel walls built in the wally which, together with the building next to the cliff enclosed the path.

The round powder tower exploded in 1593, but was rebuilt shortly after that. Also a deep fountain can be found in the castles yard.

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