The castle located in Arcalia, the Sieu-Magherus comune is one of the most interresting castles in Transylvania.It is the only castle in Transylvania built in Moorish – Byzantine style and it also has an arboretum that makes him look in a way simmilar to the Lednice castle in the Czech Republic.

It was erected by the Bethlen family around 1850, but it was later abandoned and served for different purposes, especially after 1945. Though it has suffered damages along the time, nowadays it is completely restored, being the Universitys of Cluj Napocas centre of Francophonie. Despite this fact it can be visited, the price for adults being 2 RON.

The village of Arcalia is located 15 km far from Bistrita, in the north of Romania and the castle is located very close to the national road DN 15A from Bistrita to Reghin. The castle is surrounded by an arboretum where you can find more than 150 local and exotic species of trees. The castle hosts conferences, summer schools, scientific symposiums.