The All Saints’ church was first mentioned in 1322. Built in the early 14th century, the Axente Sever church along with the ones in Ocna Sibiului and Agarbiciu are among the few to have the bell tower above the choir.

The bell-tower is equipped with a wall passage on wooden brackets. Leaning on the southern wall of the choir, a chapel with an oriented apse was built in the late 14th century. Access to it is through a pointed arch doorway in the south wall of the choir.

The oval precinct was built at the same time as the fortification works done on the church. The 6-8 meter high curtain walls are equipped with outwardly extending machcolation, battlements and buttresses. From the inside of the precinct the walls seem shorter, because of the higher level of the ground. The storage rooms built on the inside of the walls have access to the wall passage above them through a series of openings in their ceilings.