The Medieval architectural complex consists of a church and a fortifications belt, located in the center of the village on a hill. The church was of hall type and occupies the central part of the complex.It was built between 1490 and 1520 in late Gothic style, one of last biult in this style in Transylvania.

Monumental construction, has three large halls of equal heights. One can enter the church through three gates: the western, northren and southern. Craftsmen from Vienna and Nuremberg are the spiritual parents of those who constructed between 1483 and 1513 the splendid polyptych altar of the church, the largest in the country, with its 28 painted panels. The pulpit, carved in stone, in 1500, although is the work of master Ulrich from Brasov, betrays a strong south German influence.

The vestry door enjoys international fame, with a very complicated system of 19 locks, made by local craftsmen in 1515 and which has aroused great interest, being awarded the 1900 World Exhibition Price in Paris. It is a representative sample of medieval Saxon manufacturing , because of the exceptional marquetry and closing of the original system, which still functions. The surrounding fortifications are considered the strongest in Transylvania, for a peasant fortress. It has three rows of walls, 6 towers and 3 bastions built in different phases the eldest dating back to the XIV century. At the top ther is a defense corridor, the clock and the bells. The “mausoleum” tower is located in the northeast and has a mausoleum that houses at the ground floor, since 1913, the graves of dignitaries of the church.