Strategically overlooking the town and the plains to North, the Citadel is part of Brasov’s outer fortification system. At first some wooden protective walls was erected here, later, in 1529, destroyed by Petru Rares. On the same spot they built a stone citadel called Cetatuia (1553), destroyed by fire in 1618 and re-built in 1625. For protective purposes the inhabitants added to the initial building four massive stone bastions in 1630. The citadel was abandoned later, after technological innovations made cannons stronger than the building. It served as a prison for a while.

Nowadays the citadel was turned into a restaurant called Cetate. If you visit the restaurant remember to take a tour and admire the collection of Medieval weapons hanged on the walls and to drop a penny in the well (81 m deep) for good luck. In the center of the Citadel is a narrow courtyard displaying shields, lances, a canon and coat of arms.