Dâmbovicioara Cave is found in the south of Piatra-Craiului, Rucăr region. Dâmbovicioara Cave is defined by a karst terrain and is in the form of galleries little branched, or slightly upward path, visit the cave ceiling is higher than human stature (about 2 m). The interior provides optimal conditions for visitation.

Locals knew about the cave before 1579, year when Dambovicioara appear in documents, from the time of Mihnea Turcitul. Later in 1767, J. Fridvalsky talks about the cave in the scientific papers “Mineralogia Magni Principatus Transilvanae”, it represents the first karst form of this kind in Wallachia, certified in a specialized study.).

The cave is an important touristic objective, by its localization, at the bottom of Piatra Craiului, with many natural beauties, with chamois and vultures, fresh air, clear waters.