On the way to the Dâmbovicioara cave you can admire the beautiful landscape in Cheile Dâmbovicioarei(Dâmbovicioara Gorge).If you want to know how small you are in comparison to the world you live in, you certainly must check Dambovicioara gorge, included in the natural reservation Piatra Craiului. It is a wonderful place for nature lovers, you will be amazed by its beauty, by the imposing stature of the cliffs,how a river only 1-2 m wide can create a natural wonder unique in the world.

The Valley is 1254m high and it offers a magnificent and unique scenery. The Dâmbovicioara-gorges are a significant component of the largest complex of gorges in the country, which boasts over 20 gorges, with a total length of 30 km. Deepening of the Jurassic limestone stream in Stone Dambovicioara Craiului generated a gorge sector for over 8 km long, with the appearance of a veritable canyon cut into the rock pile bridges limestone massif of the terminal.

The actual gorge of Dâmbovicioara, is distinguished by a monumental aspect, due to the vertical walls or even bent over bed, with heights exceeding 200m in some places. On the walls you can see gray-white bedding Jurassic limestone, polished, arranged in banks thick at the bottom, and white limestone (chalk below) plaque at the top.