Since the first half of the thirteenth century there is a Romanesque basilica with square choir and apse, with three naves, but no bell. Historical events that were to follow, and the evolution of the technology of war, especially the spread of firearms, required the construction of two towers.

Like all churches in southern Transylvania, also the one from Dealu Frumos was surrounded by an enclosure having a rectangular shape, dating from the XVI century. With the increasing number of residents, precinct was enlarged and a bell tower with five sides was erected, which, just below the eaves has more inscriptions including the year 1522.

The side bays have also been raised and the vaulted nave and the naves arches were converted into broken spring shapes. The initial appearance of the western portal, where you enter the church, hase been lost due to the bell tower that has been built. The changes to the initial look of the chuch may have been implemented douring the sixteenth century when also the church in Merghindeal has been altered. It remains a beautiful sample of small fortified saxon church in southern Transylvania.