The First document about the settlement from Fagaras dates back to year 1291. Traces of human life materials found in these parts are much older. The document of 1291, the first attestation of Fagaras was a record in which Ugrinus as a magistrate asked the king to return these lands to the Romanians, recognizing that the Romanians themselves had been in possession of the great feud. The document itself and the archaeological finds can certainly support the existence of the feudal settlement of Fagaras before 1291.

Along with land cultivation, animal husbandry and handicrafts prevalent throughout the peasant household, in the borough Fagaras developed specialized crafts and commerce. Craftsmen come to organize in guilds. The earliest document of a guild in Fagaras is dated as being from around 1590, when Mary Christierna gave privileges to the shoemaker’s guild. The Tanners Guild experienced the strongest growth, its products reaching fame and a large sale. “The Tanners” Street still preserves the memory of this craft.