Heroes Mausoleum from Valea Mare-Pravăţ, known as the Mausoleum of Mateiaş, is dedicated to the heroes of World War I, 1916-1918. It is situated on E574 (DN 73), 11 km distance from Braşov to Câmpulung, on an imposing promontory, situated on the southern slope of Mount Mateiaş.

Built between 1928-1935 by the contractor de Nicolo, after the blueprints of architect Dumitru Ionescu-Berechet, the impressive mausoleum, made ​​mainly of Albeşti limestone is composed of two bodies: the first, horizontal, houses ossuaries, with marble plates bearing the carved names of fallen soldiers placed on the walls; a spiral monumental staircase leads to the second body, that bears a vertical tower, shaped like a gazebo. Here there are deposited, in 31 crypts, the remains of over 2,300 Romanian soldiers.