The village of Merghindeal is mentioned for the first time in 1336 and the church was built in the second half of the thirteenth century. The same style can be seen at the churches in Homorod, Veseud, Bruiu and Dealu Frumos, being one of the simplest types of small fortified church constructed by the saxons in Transylvania.

The churches steeple is isolated from the rest of the basilica, being located in a massive tower situated at the west of the place of worship. The tower was strengthened substantially and thickened at the first level and has been strengthened through a gallery fitted with a wooden railing. The tower has three floors, and at the last of them there is a corridor of protection made out of wood, just below the pyramidal roof.

Also at each floor of the tower there are narrow openings defesiv role. The choir was embedded in the massive masonry on five levels, the last three having narrow rectangular ramparts. The Northren wall of the central nave has has five Romanesque style windows. One can enter the church from the north or from the south, through two symmetrical doors sheltered by porticoes.