The church was a grace sanctuary but also a fortress. It was built between 1300 and 1350, and after the attacks of the Turks it was fortified by the Saxons in the late 15th century.

The fortification of the church was made in two steps, the first one, wehere just the church was fortified and the inhabitants of the village used to retreat in its attic, and the second one where a fortified wall was built and even the church was consolidated with thicker walls, contraforts and smaller windows.

The church has a well inside it, but that well is not visible anymore as it is covered by the churches floor. It has a modern lodging house next to it, so visitors can even sleep next to the church.

The area is also suitable for walks in the nature and landscape sightseeing. Groups of children may be hosted from time to time by the lodging house next to the church.