The Slimnic castle was presumably built in the XIII th century. In the XIV-XV th centuries it suffered some changes and in the XVIII th century it was rebuilt. Its walls reached 12 meters, its thickness 3 ˝ meters. The tower dates from the XIVth century.

In the center of the castle there was a 70 m deep well, today it’s filled with scrap. In 1658 the castle saved all the population of Slimnic from the turks.

After this the Slimnic population started the renovation of the protecting castle. From their destroyed church, the great-bell was moved into the tower of the castle so that the guards could give warnings if enemy was approaching. In 1705 the castle was occupied by the kuruc, after two years, when they left they destroyed the towers and burned the roof. After a few years the people started rebuilding the castle but the 1719 great plague epidemic stopped the repairs. The great palace, after being without a roof for along time, imploded.